Originally from rural Minnesota, Britt has lived in the Seattle area since 2001.

She was fortunate to have the same amazing art teacher throughout her 4 years of high school in tiny Pillager, MN. This gave her a solid basis of color theory, composition, values, as well as confidence to keep on creating.

Now Britt splits her time between her artwork and teaching English to adult refugees and immigrants at a local college. She also volunteers for several organizations, teaches painting workshops and classes, is involved in her church, and loves travel and hiking cycling and climbing with her husband and friends. Instead of her busy schedule keeping her from the studio, it seems to energize her as she is a prolific artist consistently finishing at least a painting a week and showing work frequently.

In 2015, Britt planned her first bicycle/plein air painting tour called “Tour de Paints”.

It’s a fully self-supported ride-saddlebags bulging with camping and painting gear.

Tour de Paints 2015: Lake Chelan to Colonial Creek Campground, WA –9 days

Tour de Paints 2016: Shaw Island of the San Juans in WA, –4 days

Tour de Paints 2017: Iceland to Italy -7 weeks!

Tour de Paints 2018: To be determined!


“It’s a response to the joy of life that causes me to paint a wide variety of subjects, always pushing to speak my truth about each one.”




Britt Greenland



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